Take care of your Sacred Feminine
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Take care of your Sacred Feminine
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Unisex Organic T-Shirt
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And born. Again, and again.

What makes me reborn?
What lights up my Heart?

The act of creating.

With my hands.
With my mind.
With my belly.
With my imagination.

With my entire physical body.
With my subtle body.

That act of creation where my Soul is singing, where it doesn't care about anything else, except the act of shaping.

For Myself, for the Other, for the Universe, for the love that lits in the act itself.

This make me feel like born again.

There I get lost, I find Myself, and get lost again, so that I can find Myself once again, and again.

"Creating is fundamental for a Woman: it connects her with the depth of her Right Power."


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