Seeds of Kindness is a project that embraces my Mission:

to spread Kindness and Love through Arts, Holistic Practices and Conscious Impactful Projects.
As a seed in the earth, it grows and shapes gently and continuously, following the natural flow of time.



Along my Spiritual Journey, of self-healing and growth, the main lesson I am learning is related to the power we all have as Human Beings. Believe it or not, we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences, and we definitely underestimate ourselves in so many ways.

My intention is to help people to be aware of their inner beautiful power, accompanying them to move their awareness from the Mind to their Heart, and so to their Soul, starting from the observation, of body, thoughts, emotions and the reality outside.

There are many ways to re-connect with our Inner Self, and everyone will find the more suitable one along his own path. However, independently from the path we follow, there is one point that I believe unites all of them, that is the observation of the way we communicate, within ourselves and with one another.


Our main focus is often on the outside, instead of within. However, the outside is nothing but a reflection of the inside, so it's clear that if we want to see some changes in the World, as well as in our lives, the first step we have to take is to go within. And from there, to observe the way we communicate with ourselves: inner words, thoughts, are vibrations with a huge impact on our lives, in many aspects, that is too often underestimated or not taken into consideration.


How do I speak to my Inner Self?
Do I use kind, comprehensive and loving words?
Do I feel worthy to receive?


So, once we start talking lovingly and kindly to ourselves, the outside world can only answer in the same way. Therefore, it is clear that if we all start doing it, the so called butterfly effect will be the natural consequence, creating the conditions for a world based on Love and Kindness. We can co-create it, we've to. It takes courage and effort to make changes within, but I believe it's our own responsibility, for us and for future generations, to do it.
And when we see the beauty within us, it's impossible not to see in others. 
Are you aware of the power we all have?


That's the first language I use to spread seeds of kindness in people's heart: creating illustrations and mindful quotes that come from my Heart, and that are mainly inspired by my spiritual journey and path of self-growth, my studies, interests and the connection with the nature. 


The second way is through the sharing of my path in Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing with others, providing classes and workshops. I'm extremely grateful for having started this path of personal and spiritual growth, for all the positive changes I'm going through in my life, for the achievements and healing, and I feel is part of my mission to share what I learn with others.


Here is where I've started. I have been working in Communication since almost ten years, working for NGOs, Impactful and Conscious Projects, and still do it today, now working as a Freelance Consultant and Trainer.


Every year, I choose to work pro bono for some projects, offering some of my skills for a good cause, like the awareness campaign on Food Disorders launched by BRF Foundation (Institute for Research in Psychiatry and Neuroscience).
This year, I am supporting the Sakhi Kunj project, that is an alliance of women living in the slums of the Indian Capital of Delhi and its sorrounding areas. Their mission is to support women through access to employment, financial assistance, healthcare and education, providing them with skill based training in handcrafts, arts and more. Furthermore, all the products they create are made with eco-friendly materials (like recycled Indian saris and natural materials), and are mainly specialized in Yoga and related designs and art. 


I truly believe in the power of connections and co-creation, creating links between cultures, interests and know-hows. I see contamination and co-creation as a fundamental way to have a stronger wider impact and, well, to spread more kindness.
So, let's create something together. For any proposal for collaboration, say a Hi at