Let's say that you like an illustration printed on a T-shirt, but it's not available on the product you like (for example, a poster or a pillow). Or maybe you wish to have a customised illustration or a special quote.
No worries, and let me make some magic! I can add the product you wish to have or create a new design for you.


Just send me an email with your request at federicalaino.hello@gmail.com, providing the information indicated below. 
  • If you like an llustration/ quote from my shop, but is not printed on the product/s you wish to have. 
    Simply share the link to the design/s you liked, and indicate what product/s you would like it/them to be printed on. 

    How to choose new products? 
    Go to hoplix.com, click on the menu item "Products", choose the one/s you like and share the link/s in the email request.

  • If you wish to have a customised illustration/quote. 
    Share the description of what you would like me to create, with all the details you think are important. For example: is it for a special occasion? Is it related to a person? In that case, I would need some pictures of her/him. And so on. But, most important: What is the delivery date? 

    Don't worry! I'll come back to you within maximum 48 hours (promise!), asking for more details, and providing all the informations related to costs, time for creation (if it's a customised illustration) and delivery.

    Something important to know. When I create a new design, on top of the time for delivery, the time for creation has to be added.
    There is a limited number of spots available every month, so make sure to submit your request with a large advance. My suggestion is to make it at least a month before.



Costs vary based on several characteristics, like: size, colours or black/white, details and more.

Drop me an email to receive a quotation.

Thank you for your trust and for being here :)



Illustrazioni e quote personalizate e prodotti non in catalogo disponibili su richiesta, con design personalizzati o a scelta tra quelli presenti sul sito.
Realizzo anche illustrazioni per progetti speciali, come progetti editoriali o eventi.

Per ricevere informazioni e dettagli su costi e tempi di realizzazione e consegna, propormi un progetto o per un Ciao, scrivimi a federicalaino.hello@gmail.com
Felice di creare per te :)