Hello, hello, and welcome to this little space.
Federica, here. Nice to e-meet you!

I won't make my presentation long here. I'm just a little human walking here and there on her path, unlearning and learning, searching, studying, exploring, realizing how beautiful this Life is, misterious and simple at the same time. 
Kindness is my language. The biggest shift and healing in my Life has begun when I chose to be kind with myself, when I chose Joy, when I chose to see the beauty within. That brought me to follow different paths - from Psychotherapy to Meditation Studies with monks in India, combining Embodiment and Contemplative practices, Neuroscience studies and Art Therapy.
I got lost, going from the darkest darkness to the most brilliant light, but this kept me being motivated to deepen my knowledge and experience new paths, combining scientific and spiritual studies and arts. Healing never ends, and so does suffering, but once we start seeing things as they truly are, seeing ourselves as pure Love, we gain a power that will never leave us. 
Loving Kindness is having a huge impact in my life and I strongly believe in its power, through smiles, words and little gestures, done without expectations, we can have a strong impact in the life of others. 
Joy and irony are rooted in my DNA.
My intention through this project is to spread Loving Kindness, and my role is to be a channel, by using different instruments (like Art, Contemplative and Embodied practices), hoping to help others to see the beauty that is already within and around themselves. 
People need kindess, and by planting one little seed at a time, we can create a better and conscious World.

Lastly (for Astrology nerds), I am Scorpio with my ascend in Pisces and Moon in Cancer. So, lots and lots of water, and - easy talking - lots of empathy, sensitivity and creativity, plus, the never-ending need to explore and move, so outside so inside.


For collaborations, requests or to meet somewhere in the world, say a Hi here:

Email: federicalaino.hello@gmail.com
WApp: (+39) 3314932745
Website: federicalaino.com


Let's spread Loving Kindness together.